• Dual palm seal head activation
  • 60 – 80 psi air connection manifold
  • Pneumatic cylinder
  • Hot knife configuration
  • Adjustable product tray easily separates film and accommodates variety of product sizes

Professional Series Pneumatic L-Sealers

EASTEY’s Professional Series ESA L-Sealers provide top of the line features and the most robust L-Sealer design on the market today. Expertly welded from ¼” cold rolled steel, EASTEY Professional ESA L-Sealers will withstand even the most abusive real world sealing applications. As a measure of strength, EASTEY L-Sealers weigh nearly twice as much as competitive models.

Eastey L-Sealers are designed and built to give you all the performance features needed for positive sealing a wide variety of films including polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC. Cast seal arms, pneumatic operation, stainless steel film clamps, and heavy-duty magnet clamping are just some of the features that provide the durability you have come to rely on from EASTEY. See for yourself why EASTEY has been a leader in the shrink packaging industry for over 25 years.

  • Designed to seal most polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC* shrink films
  • All-welded main frame from ¼” cold rolled steel
  • Built-in drawer for tools or spare parts
  • Seal head casting equipped with head return cylinder
  • Stainless steel film clamps hold film in place while sealing
  • Dual palm pneumatic seal head activation
  • Hot knife seal systems available with mushroom (standard), pancake, or arrow inserts
  • Dual locking magnet clamps apply even pressure across seal bar
  • Adjustable dwell time for better seal control
  • Solid state temperature control adjustable for a variety of films
  • Adjustable product tray accommodates wide variety of product sizes
  • Takeaway conveyor can be raised or lowered to center-seal product
  • Automatic takeaway conveyor
  • Heavy duty film cradle allows for easy changeovers and adjustments
  • Adjustable pin perforator provides air evacuation
  • Side seal size from 20” – 50”; front seal size from 16” – 100”
  • Maximum film width up to 44”
  • Maximum film roll OD up to 12”; 10” with power unwind
  • Custom two-part epoxy finish resists scratching
  • Heavy duty casters for transportation within plant
  • Available in 110v, 220v, or optional 480v
  • 60-80 psi air requirement
  • Easy to use design requires minimal training and maintenance
  • Made in the USA

*With Hot knife systems only

Power Film Unwind – Allows free feeding of film increasing operator efficiency

Film Inverter – Inverting head allows the film to come off the back of machine. This pre-opens the film and minimizes operator effort which in turn increases output

Hot Knife Inserts – Hot knife inserts available in Mushroom, Pancake, or Arrow styles

Specialty Models – Stainless steel and left hand models available

DuoSeal – Continuously Heated Seal Bar