Clysar EZR and EZ

Clysar® High-Speed EZ-R and EZ Gold Films



Clysar’s EZ films set the standard in fast, easy-to-run “stiff” films for static lap or high-speed wire seal applications, and speeds of more than 80 packages per minute. Exceptionally clear and sparkling, these polypropylene films offer a true “balanced” shrink for a taut, all-around wrap with no dog-ears or crow’s feet. A great choice for premium appearance combined with rugged performance throughout distribution.

Choose EZ-R for: Best hot slip for easiest, most efficient pack-out
Choose EZ Gold for: Exceptional printing, superior static lap seals

Also see: Clysar® Thin LTCH High-Speed Film, the ultra-thin Lowest Total Cost shrink film that runs 15% faster than competitive thin films.

Use For

  • Frozen foods like pies, cakes and pizza
  • Fresh bakery
  • Digital storage like DVDs, CDs and software
  • Premium computer papers
  • Window/shadow boxes
  • Consumer goods

Features at a Glance

  • Superior optics: the best clarity and gloss of any high-speed films
  • Exceptionally stiff and flat for excellent machinability at high speeds
  • Reliable, pinhole-free seals for both static and traditional heat seals
  • Light shrink force won’t damage fragile products
  • Remains durable even at freezer temperatures
  • Balanced shrink in all directions for excellent package appearance
  • The best choice for printed film, holds ink extremely well with added corona treatment
  • Seals and shrinks at lower temperatures
  • More abrasive than soft films

Solves These Issues

  • Crow’s feet, dog-ears, fish eyes and other package flaws
  • Weak static lap seals at high speeds
  • Burn-through: seals at lower temperature than other multi-layer films
  • Carbon deposit on sealing wires (eliminates need for Teflon® tape)
  • Problems wrapping irregular shapes at high speeds
  • Brittleness or tearing for frozen products


  • Will not give off harmful gasses or corrode sealing wires
  • Eliminates need for expensive Teflon® tape over sealing wires
  • Runs at lower machine temperatures to conserve energy
  • Printed option may reduce packaging components such as labels

Available As

  • EZG - 45,60 & 75 gauge films
  • EZ-R - 45,60, 70 & 100 gauge films
  • Flat or folded film
  • Print-treated for superior graphics
  • Surface-treated for added hot slip