Clysar Phoenix


  • Clysar® PHOENIX™ shrink film is an exceptionally 
  • versatile, easy-to-run, high-performance film 
  • with best-in-class clarity and strength in all 
  • gauges. PHOENIX™ film has been developed 
  • to provide strong, robust packages over a 
  • large operating window on all types of shrink 
  • packaging equipment. 
  • A highly functional and forgiving “drop in” solution, PHOENIX™ shrink film offers 
  • superior optics and unmatched seal and shrink performance. It is an ideal multipurpose film to package virtually any type of product.

Significant Features

  • Equipment
  • Performs on all types of shrink packaging 
  • equipment including manual, semiautomatic, automatic, side seal and static 
  • seal machines.


  • • Provides strong, durable seals on all 
  • conventional sealing systems.
  • Exceptionally wide sealing range.
  • Requires little or no cooling dwell.
  • Excellent seal integrity.


  • Exceptional heat/burn-through resistance.
  • Higher than typical shrink force for robust 
  • Finished packages.
  • Ideal for bundling, multi-packs and shipping stabilization.
  • General
  • Excellent tear resistance.
  • High gloss and clarity.
  • Optimum package cleanup and appearance.
  • Ideal for printed and high-speed shrink packaging.