Shanklin A27 2006 Auto L-Sealer and Tunnel T7XL

Model A-27 Automatic L Sealer answers the need for a compact, versatile shrink wrapper with gentle product feed and straight line product flow while feeding product thru machine. Product is conveyed into the machine through a film inverting head where it is wrapped in plastic shrink film. Passing into the seal area, it starts the discharge conveyor and film advance system, drawing the film and product into seal area, the conveyor and the sealing jaws make the seal. After sealing, the products conveyed thru the heat tunnel where its film shrinks around product, while the infeed of machine advances the next product.


The Model T7XL Shrink Tunnel is the powerful shrink tunnel of it's size, and it has long been the , "workhorse" of the industry. Shrinking is accomplished by high velocity hot air delivered to the package in an optimum pattern. All components of machine are rugged designed for maximum reliability. The Model T7XL features an externally adjustable tunnel ceiling height to permit optimum location of the top air jets against the package. The main air velocity in the tunnel is fully adjustable to facilitate running open top air boxes and trays, etc. To operate, set the controls for proper temperature, conveyor speed, air velocity and ceiling height.

The combo price is $ 32,500.00

A27A Specs

Sealer Size: 21"W x 33"L (3"Wide x 3"L MIn.)

Max Height: 8"

Speeds: Up to 35 pkg/min, dependent on product and delivery of product to wrapper

Floor Space: 5 feet by 7 feet

T7XL Specs

Tunnel Height: 4"-8" standard ( Machine has 4" extension for 12"Tall Opening)

Stainless mesh Belt, 15-120 ft/min.

Tunnel Opening: 22" Wide x 42"L long

Floor Space: 3 feet by 5 feet