What is a Horizontal Flow Wrapping Systems?

A horizontal flow wrapping system is a type of packaging machinery that is used to wrap products in a horizontal orientation. The product is fed into the machine from one side and then wrapped in material, such as plastic film or paper. These systems are often used to package food items, such as candy bars or biscuits. Horizontal wrapping can also be used to package non-food items, such as books or magazines. These unique wrapping systems are typically composed of three main components: a product infeed system, a wrapping station, and a product outfeed system. The infeed system is used to load the product into the machine.

 These Wrapping Systems Are Used in a Variety of Industries

 The wrapping station is where the actual wrapping of the product takes place. The outfeed system is used to move the wrapped product out of the machine. Horizontal flow wrapping machines can be operated manually or automatically. Automatic machines are typically faster and more efficient than manual machines. However, manual machines may be more suited for small-scale operations or for products that are difficult to feed into an automatic machine. These wrapping systems are used in a variety of industries, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and retail.  They are also used in many different types of packaging applications, such as horizontal systems for food, horizontal flow systems for non-food items, and horizontal systems for medical devices.

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