What is a Horizontal Flow Wrapping System?

Horizontal flow wrapping systems are machines that wrap products in a horizontal orientation. This type of system is used for products that have a regular shape and size, such as boxes or cans. Horizontal flow wrapping processes are often used in the food industry, as they are able to package products quickly and efficiently. Additionally, these unique wrapping systems can be used to package products in a variety of different ways, including overwrapping and cross-wrapping. This innovative proce (...) Read More

Learn More About Horizontal Band Sealers

Horizontal band sealers are machines that seal products together using a horizontal band of heat. This type of sealer is most often used for packaging food products, as it creates a tight and consistent seal that prevents leaks and contamination. Band sealers are also used for sealing cardboard boxes, which is why they are often found in warehouses and shipping facilities. Horizontal type sealers can also be used to weld plastics together, making them ideal for manufacturing purposes. Increasing (...) Read More

Discover The Advantages of Shrink Wrap Packaging Systems

Shrink wrap packaging systems are a type of packaging process that uses shrink film to tightly wrap around products. The shrink film is heated, causing it to shrink in size and conform to the product. This type of packaging is often used for items that need to be protected from debris or moisture, such as food items or electronics. Simply stated, this is an innovative type of process that greatly improves the survivability of transportation of products across a wide range of environmental condit (...) Read More