Explore The Possibilities with an Inverted Horizontal Flow Wrapper

An inverted horizontal flow wrapper is a type of packaging machine that is used to package products in a horizontal orientation. The machine consists of a feeder, a sealer, and a cutter. Products are fed into the machine from the feeder, and then sealed and cut according to the desired specifications. 

Prevent Accidents and Injuries

Inverted horizontal flow wrappers are commonly used to package food products, such as candy bars, biscuits, and cheese. They are also used to package non-food items, such as magazines, newspapers, and books. Some of these machines have safety features that help prevent accidents and injuries. Here are some of the most common safety features:

- Emergency stop button: This button can be used to quickly stop the machine in an emergency.

- Safety guards: These guards help to protect operators from moving parts on the machine.

- Interlocking doors: These doors prevent the machine from being operated when they are open, helping to prevent accidents.

- Machine sensors: Some machines have sensors that detect when an object is in the path of the packaging film, helping to prevent it from being wrapped up.

Follow All Safety Precautions 

These are just some of the safety features that inverted horizontal flow wrappers may have. It is important to be familiar with the safety features of the specific machine you are using, and to follow all safety precautions when operating it. To operate an inverted horizontal wrapper, you will need to first set up the machine. This involves making sure that the film is correctly loaded and tensioned, and that the product infeed conveyor is correctly positioned. Once everything is in place, you can start the machine by pressing the start button.

The machine will then automatically feed film around the product and seal it by using heat seals. The finished package will then be discharged onto an output conveyor. To learn more about this and other highly innovative wrapping machines and equipment simply contact AmFlex  Packaging Corporation today. Getting your next order started has never been easier or more convenient.