Rebuilt Shanklin A27 SN#A99202

  • A27 #A99202 Front View
  • A27 A99202 Right to Left front View
  • A27 A99202 Left to Right View
  • A27 A99202 Discharge Nose conveyor
  • A27 A99202 EZ unwind with Perf roller
  • A27 A99202 Electrical Cabinet


Model A-27A

Automatic L-Sealer

> Fully Automatic Operation

> Sealer Size - 21 "W x 33"L

(3"W x3"L min.)

> Maximum Product Height - 8"

> Speed* - Up to 35 packages per minute (standard)

Up to 45 packages per minute (with high

speed gearing)

*Depending on product and application

> Floor Space - 5'x 7' approximately

The Model A-27A Automatic L-Sealer answers the need for

a compact, versatile shrink wrapper with gentle product feed and

straight-line product flow. The Model A-27A power advances the

wrapping film while feeding product into the machine.

Product is conveyed into the machine through a film inverting

head where it is wrapped in plastic film. Passing into the sealing

area, it starts the discharge conveyor and film advance system,

drawing the film and product into the sealing area. Once the

product is correctly located in the sealing area, the conveyor

and the sealing jaws make the seal. After sealing, the product

is conveyed away to a shrink tunnel while the infeed conveyor

feeds new product into the machine.

The Model A-27A features easy product size changeover.