Clamco 850 Series Heat Shrink Tunnel

The 850 Series heat shrink tunnel features a unique recirculating bottom air flow heat transfer system that envelops the products with hot air quickly and efficiently providing optimum shrink wrapping at the lowest possible cost. An exceptional value, each tunnel in the Clamco 850 series offers such standard features as high efficiency finned rod heating elements, a fully insulated heat chamber, heavy duty conveyor, and height adjustable consoles that include casters and levelers.

All 850 Series Heat Shrink Tunnels:

  • Fully insulated heat chamber
  • Variable speed conveyor
  • Digital precision temperature control
  • Automatic cool down
  • High efficiency finned rod heating elements
  • Bottom air flow heat transfer system
  • USDA approved

Features: 850 Heat Shrink Tunnel

  • Chamber opening–15W x 28L x 8H (38cm x 71cm x 20cm)
  • Variable speed 48L Teflon mesh belt conveyor (0 to 70 FPM)
  • 220V, single phase, 29 ampF6000 watts of heating power
  • Overall dimensions 48L x 22W (122cm x 56cm)
  • Approximate shipping weight–225 lbs. (102kgs.)

Features: 852 Heat Shrink Tunnel

  • Chamber opening–21W x 28L x 10H (53cm x 71cm x 25cm)
  • Variable speed 48L quick adjusting live/dead roller conveyor (0 to 70 FPM)
  • 220V, single phase, 29 amp
  • 6000 watts of heating power
  • Adjustable console stand (32? to 36? from the floor) with casters and levelers
  • Overall dimensions 48L x 28W x 53–57H (122cm x 71cm x 135cm–145cm)
  • Approximate shipping weight–400 lbs. (181kgs.) 


  • 850 Series: Clamco Heat Shrink Tunnel:
  • Company: Clamco Packaging
  • Machine type: Shrink Tunnels


  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Publishing/Print


  • 1.5 and Roller spacing (851 and 852 only)
  • Teflon mesh belt overlay for 851 and 852
  • Console stand with casters and levelers for 850 and 851
  • Directional air controls
  • Some photos may show accessories not part of basic machine.
  • Specifications and design features subject to change without notice.