Clamco 6800CS Side Seal Automatic

High performance side sealer for shrink packaging

The Clamco 6800CS automatic side sealer is a highly efficient all-electric side sealer that combines a hot knife end seal with an adjustable seal and trim knife. The trim knife is actuated when the product moves past the cross seal. Compared to conventional automatic L-bar sealers, the 6800CS can pack products of any length at high speed.

The 6800CS can deliver conveyor speeds up to 100 ft/min (140 ft/min for the 6800CS-XL) and wrap up to 4,200 packs per hour. The system is perfect for polyolefin or polyethylene center folded shrink film. Packages can be as large as 8 high, 16 wide on the 6800CS. For the 6800CS-XL version, packages can be as large as 10 high, 24 wide. Virtually any length is possible on both units.

Unique sealer technology when shrink packaging

Film feed is achieved by a film inverter, permitting product to be delivered to the sealer by conveyor. This gives the 6800CS a wide range of product height to width size choices. The 6800CS has beginning and end product sensors to maintain a consistent bag length around the product. The sensors provide optimum film shrink around the product while traveling through the optional shrink tunnel.

Easy to operate shrink packaging system

The 6800CS can be set up in minutes, is easy to program, and offers multiple operating modes for performance and convenience. This side sealer does not require compressed air, enabling you to position it anywhere in your production area. Paired with a Clamco heavy duty shrink tunnel, the 6800CS makes an outstanding high production shrink wrapping packaging system. This CE compliant machine is one of the most versatile automatic side sealers on the market today. 

The Clamco 6800CS automatic shrink wrapper packaging system includes a 2-year limited warranty.

Financing Options from $810/month

Operating Features

  • Package speed up to 70 per minute for a high production output
  • Smooth Quiet Operation to reduce plant noise levels
  • Easy to navigate interface for operators of most skill levels
  • Display of key packing statistics, including production rate and efficiency
  • Continual monitoring of product length to detect packing errors
  • Film-economizer wheels reduce scrap and improve final package appearance
  • Trim take-up wheel keeps the work area clean
  • Automatic product length detection allows individual or multiple products to be wrapped

Sealing Features

  • Closing conveyor for smooth product transfer
  • Rounded cross seal bar decreases film breakage
  • PTFE-coated side seal works with most shrink films
  • Automatic adjustment of cross seal bar opening based on product height increases wrapping speed
  • Automatic Seal Centering on both side seal and cross seal for enhanced package appearance

Set-Up Features

  • Low film cradle with film inverter for easy film loading and threading
  • Quick changeover and 20 program memory allows for product setup in less than five minutes
  • Automatic seal centering on both the side seal and the cross seal, for a clean looking package

Safety Features

  • Fully enclosed guarding ensures operator safety
  • Smooth and quiet operation reduces plant noise
  • Compliance with CE regulations ensures improved safety and design
  • Easy to reach emergency stop button

Operating Options

  • Polyethylene cross seal bar to use 0.6 -3 mil polyethylene film
  • Stainless steel frame for applications in the food industry
  • Print registration for pre-printed film
  • Safety photocell to ensure cross seal bar does not make contact with product
  • 3 Infeed conveyor
  • 6 Infeed conveyor

Model6800CS/6800CS-XLProduction capacity up to 70 packs/min up to 70 packs/min Conveyor speedup to 100 ft/min up to 140 ft /min Cross seal bar width19.75, 27.5 Product width (max)16,24Product height (max)810 Product length (max)unlimited unlimited Film width (min – max)13 – 23.5up to 33.5Film roll diameter (max)13.75 13.75 Electrical220V, 3 Ph, 7 amp220V, 1Ph, 15ampAirNot required Not required Machine size75 L x 58 W x 60 H105 L x 75 W x 65 Shipping weight1,800 lbs2,100 lbsWarranty2 years2 years