PM-C450R Reciprocating Seal Head Wrapper

The Model C450-R is a reciprocating end seal flow wrapper for biscuits, bread, cake, hardware, and other solid products in larger and taller packaging. It can make a bag up to H100 x L450mm.

The loading table allows the operators to place products on the in-feed chain. The attached pushers on the chain will move the product along the horizontal track and push the product into the wrapping tube, the tube is then seal and cut by the reciprocating end seal system which contains a knife with anvil on the crimp jaws.

  • 5.7" color touch-screen HMI
  • Machine functions controlled by "Panasonic" PLC
  • Auto diagnosis with on-screen error display for easy troubleshooting
  • Auto synchronizing the wrapping material and transverse cut
  • Air expelling device
  • Bag length controlled by encoder or photoelectric sensor
  • Constant heat sealing system
  • Film advancing rollers inverter driven
  • Film reel clamping for fixation
  • Film reel holder self-centering by hand-wheel
  • Film reel power unwind mechanism
  • Gusseted bag forming device
  • Forming inlet adjustable for various width
  • Reciprocating crimp jaw transverse seal system
  • Reciprocating crimp jaw inverter driven
  • P.I.D. digital temperature controller, heats up to 150°C in less than 10 minutes
  • Photoelectric sensor by "Omron"


Bag origin: Film reel

Bag width: 50 - 160 mm | 2 - 6¼ inch

Bag length: 120 - 450mm | 5¾ - 17½ inch

Bag height: 10 - 100 mm | ½ - 4 inch

Reel width: 120 - 450mm | 5¾ - 17½ inch

Cutting style: Serrated

Machine speed: 20 - 75 bpm

Machine weight (kg): 960

Machine dimensions: L4000 x W860 x H1550 mm

Power (kW): 3.2

Voltage: 220VAC, 50Hz, 1-Phase